Both still have their merit and uses within the window cleaning Industry however now a days you will see more and more people who opt for the pure water water fed pole method of window cleaning.

One of the main reason’s for this is safety.

The working at height regulations 2005 make it almost impossible for a traditional window cleaner to safely work at height and previously property’s with windows with 3 stories or higher would either have to be done via rope access and abseiling or a very very brave window cleaner with a very long ladder, but can now often be reached from the ground with the right pole equipment.

Which when you add ladders into the equation both for the window cleaner themselves but also for your property too then things can get dangerous. Used incorrectly they can cause damage to your property, break things and fall.

Where as with the pole method everything is done directly from the ground.

Now both methods have their merit and you won’t find a window cleaner bringing their pole inside and soaking your carpets and floor to clean your windows so traditional cleaning with a squeegee still remain king when it comes to interior cleaning (even at height sometimes).

The other advantage of water fed pole (or WFP) is that naturally you get your frames, sills and glass cleaned all at the same time. The brush is specifically designed to get right into the corners and as long as your window cleaner knows what they are doing it should leave a perfect finish every single time.

Which comes on to my next point….

What is this special water they use?

Basically it is highly filtered tap water. In our business we use a 5 step process to filter it and guarantee it’s 100% pure all of the time,  then we pump the water into a tank in the back of the vans. Then from the van it is pumped at a fairly low pressure through the hose and up and out of the pole.

Which means we bring the water to you, it’s pre-treated so there is never any purity issues (the thing that makes it stay clean after drying) and likewise means we aren’t using your water or having to run a hose through your house if you don’t have an outside tap.  It also means you don’t need to be at home for us to carry out our job and clean your windows.

Likewise because it’s pumped at such a low pressure which is literally just there to make sure the water goes from the tank and on to your windows it’s completely safe. A bit like heavy rain really and so on wooden, plastic or even metal frames they won’t be damaged at all.

This also accounts for the seals too, as we are not pressure washing your windows (wouldn’t recommend this at all) your seals will never be damaged using the WFP method of window cleaning.

Awkward Windows & Other Uses…

Now before we mentioned traditional window cleaning and the use of ladders but when you have to use ladders that means you can’t always reach every single window. As an example if you have a conservatory, shed or extension below the windows.

Normally those windows would just be missed and couldn’t be reached and so couldn’t be cleaned.

Where as with the pole method we can reach almost any window as you can approach it from all angles and even add on attachments to give you a better angle, or change the length of the pole so that it bends to reach your awkward windows.

Same goes for leaded windows (the modern kind with stuck on lead on the outside), traditionally cleaning these takes a lot longer and you cleaner has to be really careful not to un-stick the lead which is easily done. Where as because we use super soft non scratch bristles to clean windows it means that we can scrub and still clean them to the same standard as any other window.

Plus as it’s mainly just pure water we use it also means just like cleaning your windows and frames we can also clean the whole of your conservatory, your doors, gutters, soffits, fascias, cladding etc etc etc

Hope you enjoyed this short article on the differences between traditional and water fed pole and both methods still have their specific places within the industry but it will most likely come to a time where every window cleaner uses the pole because of it’s safety but more importantly the results for you as a customer.