Blocked gutters, down pipes and leaky gutters can be more than just a pain.

They can cause…

  • Damp Problems
  • Damage to interior decor
  • Damage to the structure of your home

In fact unknown to most people your home insurance actually requires your gutters to at least be inspected once a year otherwise they can refuse to pay out if you have a claim for damp or structural issues caused by a leaking gutter. So it’s vitally important you keep on top of it and make sure they are cleaned at least once a year or every 6 months if you have a lot of tree’s nearby.

So you really need to keep them in check and make sure that if there is any future damp or structural problems because of a leaking gutter that you are completely covered in the worst case scenario.

Our Gutter Cleaning Process….

We actually use a unique 5 step process to clear your gutters which means that they are not only just cleared, but checked, double checked and we actually show you what we have done VS you having to get up a ladder yourself to make sure we have actually done what you have paid for.

Gutter Cleaning/Clearing – Removing all the debris, silt, soil, plants, leaves and anything else in your gutters and all undertaken to a high standard

Efficiency Test – To ensure everything works as it should, we actually pour water in your gutters to make sure there are no leaks, make sure it’s all flowing towards the downpipe correctly and not sitting in one location and basically doing the job of a gutter properly.

Condition Check – Highlights any issues that may arise, we would much rather tell you if there is something that is above and beyond a minor repair and you still being left with an issue that could cause damage to your property so we make sure any issues that we spot are either fixed or told to you so that you can keep an eye on them and get a builder in to fix them if needed.

Before & After Photo – To Show You Exactly What Was Done, Without you getting up a ladder yourself and taking a look you really would never know if the gutters had actually been cleared out properly and unfortunately with any Industry there are cowboys out there to make a quick buck. We show you before and after photo’s of everything and make sure the job is done properly every single time.

Written Report – Detailing any findings and important points, As we said above we check everything and so if there were any issues we write those down, we also make sure you know exactly what’s been done to your property and in the rare event that there is anything more than a minor repair that needs fixing then we will make sure you know about it and fully understand before leaving.

If you need your gutters cleaning then we offer a gutter cleaning service in and around Oswestry and Welshpool both for residential and commercial clients and offer completely free no obligation quotes too.

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