Are you looking for a Professional & Fully Insured Window, Conservatory or Gutter Cleaning Service?

Here at Window Fresh we are big enough to cope, yet small enough to care about your complete satisfaction.

We provide a range of professional external cleaning services including:

  • Regular Window Cleaning – up to the height of 30ft (Approx 3 Stories)
  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Gutter, Soffit & Fascia Cleaning – up to the height of 30ft (Approx 3 Stories)
  • Gutter Cleaning / Clearing – up to 2 stories high
  • Full House Valets – Full external house clean at a discounted rate

All of our services are carried out without the use of ladders where ever possible.

Just give us a call or text us anytime today on 01691 750 750 / 01938 885 886 or submit your info on the right hand side for a free quote.

For all of our services we provide you with Multiple Payment Options (Cash Or Bank Transfer) & Our Satisfaction Guarantee.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% Satisfied with any of our services, simply notify us within 24 hours and we will return & re-do any unsatisfactory work – Its our promise to you!



More On Our Cleaning Method….

We use 100% pure water which basically means it is filtered with a 5 stage process to remove all of the impurities which you would see if you cleaned your windows with normal tap water (the streaks and white spots). This means that your windows will be left to dry naturally and result in a streak free, shiny and perfect finish every single time.

This also means that because of the molecular structure of pure water that it actively seeks out the smallest particles of dirt (even the one’s invisible to the naked eye) and after scrubbing with our soft bristled brushes and then rinsing all the dirt down and off your windows they are left completely clean.

We bring this to your property inside a huge tank in the van with us. So we don’t need to hook up to your water, don’t need access to a tap and it also guarantee’s that the water is 100% pure all the time as it is pre-filtered and remains pure 24/7.

It also means because of the soft bristled brush we use which is specifically designed for window cleaning alone (not like the car brushes you see for sale) it also means we can safely and effectively clean your frames, sills and almost anything else like car ports, conservatory’s, cladding, gutters etc etc. Which we feel is an important part of cleaning your windows is actually doing a full and complete job.

Plus as an extra we even clean your doors and can do your garage door’s too if you want those doing too. So it’s literally a complete clean every single time.